OKLAHOMA CITY - New information is emerging about a home invasion in Northwest Oklahoma City Thursday night that led to a lengthy police chase early Friday morning.

Tad Bray, 24, is accused of threatening and tying up a 71-year-old man.

After stealing the victim’s car, the suspect led police on a chase all over the metro area through numerous jurisdictions, but some ingenuity from the victim helped get him captured.

The man who lives in the home on NW 45th Street told News 9 he got home just after 7 Thursday evening. He did not know that someone was already there waiting.

“The victim had stepped outside, walked back in, realized somebody was in his home with him,” said MSgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police.

The man turned around to find himself looking down the barrel of a gun.

Knight said the suspect “forced the homeowner to hand over not only his phone but his car keys.”

The victim told News 9 he did not recognize his attacker and does not know why his home was targeted.

The suspect told him to start looking for duct tape to restrain him, but there was none to be found.

Knight said, “He then tied the man up with two neckties and then fled in the victim’s vehicle.”

The homeowner tried to wear down the fabric of the ties, but when that did not work, he started to chew. It took him about 30 minutes to gnaw through a piece of tie, allowing him to escape and run next door to call 911.

Police spotted the stolen car around midnight. “It was a very long and dangerous pursuit,” said Knight.

The driver, Tad Bray, led police through Oklahoma City, Edmond, Arcadia and Luther. At one point, he hit a Luther patrol car head on. Luther Police Chief David Randall told News 9 his officer suffered whiplash and a bruised back, and the vehicle itself has more than $10,000 in damage.

Eventually, Bray ended the chase himself.

“The suspect crashed into a creek and was taken into custody right after the crash,” Knight said.

Police say a woman and dog were also in the car, but the woman was released at the scene.

Bray now faces a long list of charges.

The Luther officer injured in the chase is heading into his off days, so he will have time to rest before returning to work. The home invasion victim was not injured, but is still recovering psychologically from the traumatic experience.