OKLAHOMA CITY - Emergency managers are preparing for severe weather this week in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City uses a bunker, 12 feet below the ground, as the place city agencies and departments meet during a storm to make decisions.

“It becomes very chaotic in here as the information begins to flow in,” said OKC Emergency Manager Frank Barnes.

Barnes said that information comes from the news airing on multiple TVs, but the decision on whether to activate any of the 182 outdoor sirens comes after the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning.

Three years ago, the city divided up its sirens into 9 sectors, allowing for a more pinpointed warning, without all the sirens having to sound.

“We only want that part of the city that is threatened by that tornado,” added Barnes.

Barnes wants to remind people that the sirens are not designed to be a person’s only indicator that severe weather is on the way.

“They are intended to warn people who are outdoors,” said Barnes.