OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Secretary of State has approved a petition that could put the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana on the November ballot.

A Tulsa group, called "Green the Vote" hopes to add two new state questions come the general election; allowing the people of Oklahoma to choose for themselves. Whether or not you condone the use of marijuana, "Green the Vote" members say it's economical benefits can't be denied. 

"We are trying to give Oklahoma tax money. It's not only just from the sales of cannabis. Just look at what it's going to do with jobs, farms, equipment. We're going to have special equipment. We're going to have to have people farm it," said John Frasure with "Green The Vote."

The new proposed questions, State Questions 796 and 797. 796 calls for a constitutional amendment for the use of medical marijuana.

While State Question 797 calls for a constitutional amendment, legalizing recreational marijuana for those over 21 years old. Supporters will have to collect almost 125,000 signatures.

The petition must be turned in at least 70 days before the general election so the Governor can issue a proclamation to voters.

Majority Floor Leader Senator Greg Treat said while he believes the bill is poorly written, it appears it will garner enough signatures to make the ballot.