OKLAHOMA CITY - A controversial bill allowing adoption agencies to turn away parents based on religious or moral reasons is on its way to the Governor's desk. 

Backlash to this measure was swift and nearly immediate. Essentially it allows adoption agencies to turn away would-be parents like gay couples, interfaith couples, and single mothers if they say it's against their moral convictions.   

LGBTQ advocates came out firmly against the bill- the Oklahoma Chapter of GLAAD called it "un-american."

But late last week the house passed an amendment saying agencies using that clause on religious or moral obligations cannot receive state funds. Advocates for same-sex couples call the compromise acceptable.

"However if this bill is changed back to its original form we will be in court before the ink dries on the bill because it is a blatant violation, an egregious violation of the U.S. and Oklahoma State Constitutions," said Troy Stevenson, Freedom Oklahoma.

That bill now heads to Governor Fallin's desk. She has not given any indication whether she will sign the measure.