LINCOLN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Lincoln County mother is behind bars for allegedly murdering her infant son.

Officials are expecting first degree murder charges for Amber Ford to come down Monday.

Ford is accused of injuring her four-month-old son in their Agra home.

“Nobody wants to deal with a case involving the, especially involving the death of an infant. Even more so when you're dealing with serious injuries to such a young child,” Lincoln County First District Attorney Adam Panter said.

However, Panter is working on the case. He says the baby’s father became worried when the infant became sick.

“The mother was at work when the father went in to feed the child and the child started getting sick,” Panter said.

The injuries appeared to have been inflicted sometime before the child became sick.

“He had a head injury, a severe hematoma near the front of his skull. He had multiple rib fractures, including acute rib fracture and fractures in various stages of healing and he had injuries to his pancreas and soft tissue injuries to his neck,” Panter said.

Agra Police started the investigation, and employees from the DA’s office finished it  after interviewing Ford.

“Without elaborating much she did admit to causing some inflicting some various injuries,” Panter said.

Panter says Ford should appear in court for the first time Monday.

Ford is the only suspect in the case.

The baby leaves behind his father and grandparents who also live in the home where he died.