NORMAN, Oklahoma - A Norman kidnapping suspect was fatally shot Thursday during a chase with law officers in Texas, law officers confirmed Thursday afternoon.

Neither the suspect, or victim have been identified, but police do confirm they had previously been in a relationship.

Today, police have released 911 calls that give a deeper look into the alleged crimes.

A co-worker calls dispatchers to report an employee who seems to have vanished, and was scheduled to work Thursday at the northwest Walden Cleaners location.

“Caller: My other employee pulled up. I heard a little bit of commotion and screaming, and I didn't think anything of it. She never came inside. I just went out there to get her out of her car. Her purse is in her car, she is not anywhere to be found. I am kinda a little nervous about this.

Norman police rush over, but it’s too late.

Soon the suspects red Dodge Charger was located in Texas.

The chase began about 8:30 a.m. in Burkburnett, Texas, and continued into Vernon, Texas, in Wilbarger County.

The suspect vehicle, which had punctured tires due to officer's spike strips, drove into a bar ditch.

Investigators say the victim comes racing from the car towards law enforcement, but is tackled by the suspect.

Texas Rangers report the suspect stabs the female victim with a large knife, over and over again, before a trooper fired a shot that killed him.

The 911 caller says the relationship previously showed signs of abuse.

“Caller: Um, I do know that she had problems with her boyfriend or fiancé, stuff like that. Ya know, there's court cases going on, and stuff like that so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Caller: I have never met him, but I do know they have domestic violence issues.”

The last update listed the female victim in critical condition.

She has been flown back to OU Medical Center.

DPS Texas rangers have taken over the case.