OKLAHOMA CITY - Springtime in a neighborhood near NW 10th and Council means neighbors are a little afraid to look up.

The tall Oak trees where they lived are now covered with migrating Egret birds.

Hundreds of them choose the same spot to return to each year to nest, lay eggs, and annoy neighbors.

“You can hear them all day and night,” said Anna Boettger.

Boettger said she won’t walk under the tree without an umbrella to protect against the bird droppings.

The birds will stay from late March all the way until September.

“They're nasty, they're terrible, they stink. They are a health hazard and we need to get rid of them completely,” said another neighbor named Joann.

Oklahoma Wildlife confirms the birds are federally protected.

While they are nesting, you can't do anything to harm the Egrets.

In fact, you can’t trim tree branches to remove any tree with a nest until birds have left for the year.

“It’s a glorious day,” said Boettger about the day the migratory birds leave.