VICI, Oklahoma - When all you’ve known for decades is destroyed, some say it’s tough to find a place to start.

Volunteers at a home in Vici are taking it one thing at a time, picking up what once stood on veteran and retired educator Dale Liston Jr’s property. It’s been in the family since the 40’s.

“Of course you had a lot of mementos and different things,” he told News 9.

The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma’s Disaster Relief team is sifting through his property to help recover anything salvageable and separating all of the charred materials to be carried away.

According to the Oklahoma Dept. of Emergency Management, there are more than 50 structures impacted by the 34 Complex and the Rhea Fire.

So far, this group of volunteers has gone home-to-home in the Vici area and they stand ready to go anywhere else they may be needed.

“It’s a real blessing,” Liston said about having their help.

If families would like their free services, they’ll clear away what’s left, so victims will no longer have to look at the destruction.

“Our motto is hope, help and healing,” said Disaster Relief Director with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Don Williams.

And once the property is a clean slate, Williams says families can have hope for the future and rebuilding.