OKLAHOMA CITY - For a second straight game, a late second-quarter surge by Utah carried over into the second half and it allowed the Jazz to pull away for a 113-96 victory Monday night. But the talk of the game – the aggression and physicality from both teams.

Russell Westbrook action’s in Monday night’s confrontation with the Jazz's Rudy Gobert was under review by the NBA. 

News 9’s Dean Blevin’s sent out the following tweet after word was released Westbrook may get suspended:

Westbrook’s aggressiveness landed him in foul trouble by the end of the first half.

By the fourth quarter the heated emotions in the game were in overdrive.

Following a foul called on Ray Felton for scuffling with Rudy Gobert, Westbrook checked in and confronted Gobert. Westbrook was seen slapping Gobert’s arm away.

The rule in question is whether or not Russ was allowed into the game by a referee or if he "left the bench".

Tuesday evening, the NBA announced that Westbrook would not be suspended and would be fined $10,000 for "initiating a confrontation" with Gobert.