OKLAHOMA CITY - Investigators are looking for information to help them solve a possible kidnapping case that happened near Northwest 29th and Grove on Saturday, April 21.  

Some residents in the neighborhood near the park have their doubts and think it could be a hoax.

“There’s so much that goes on around the neighborhood,” said Saundra Whittle, resident. “You really don’t know.”

Whittle walks her dog in the park where police searched several hours for a possible missing teen.

She said officers knocked on her door late that night. They told her there was a suspected kidnapping from the park and asked if she heard or saw anything.

“They were asking everybody,” said Whittle. “They were just going door-to-door I think.”

Police said a young teen male called 911 Saturday night and told the dispatcher he needed help because someone was taking him.

Two witnesses told police they saw a suspicious car leave the park around 9:30 the same night.

“Witnesses said they saw a dark-colored four-door vehicle pull up,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “That’s when what appeared to be a juvenile was placed into the car somehow.”

Investigators are now gathering video from residents' homes in hopes that the suspect's car or more can be seen.

Police also need the public to step forward if they have any information about the possible victim.

“We’ve checked missing persons and nobody matching this description has been reported missing from over the weekend,” said Morgan. “So, if anybody has information please let us know.”

The only suspect description police have is that witnesses saw a white male get out of the car wearing a puffy coat.