OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man was put through a terrifying robbery and the suspects are still on the loose.

Police managed to capture surveillance footage of the suspect trying to use the victim’s debit card from the victim’s car.

Michael Taylor lives in the apartment complex where the robbery happened.

“My neighbor upstairs was robbed by two black guys and the guy on the corner, they robbed him too,” Taylor said.

It all happened on April 7, when a man knocked on a resident’s door at an apartment on Tela Drive.

“When he opened the door, there was a man with a ski mask who pointed a gun at him, forced his way into the apartment,” Oklahoma City Police Officer Megan Morgan said.

Police say the suspect forced the victim into a closet and ransacked his apartment.

He took the victim’s car, debit card, television and several other items.

While police keep their eyes out for the suspect or suspects, Taylor is working to get peepholes in the complex doors.

Police reports say there were no security cameras at the apartment complex that captured the crime, so they’re relying on this ATM footage for clues.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers.