OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police are investigating one of their own. Officer Austin Brackeen, 30, is charged with sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl on multiple occasions.

The Canadian County District Attorney charged Brackeen on Thursday with three counts of sexual abuse of a child.

In interviews with detectives, Brackeen admitted to sleeping in the same bed with the child, sometimes in only his underwear.

“You know a sex crime against a child is one of the worst things you can think of,” said Capt. Bo Mathews, Oklahoma City Police Department.

The investigation was opened on March 20, after the victim told her mother Brackeen touched her inappropriately a number of times. Arrest paperwork indicated the alleged sexual abuse started after Brackeen came home from an overseas military deployment in November 2017.

“When the mother found out she did the appropriate thing,” said Mathews. “She contacted the Oklahoma City Police Department.”

The victim told detectives the abuse happened several times at Brackeen’s home in Canadian County. The arrest warrant also revealed Brackeen touched the girl inappropriately at her grandparents' home in Lindsey, Oklahoma and at a hotel in Tulsa.

“From my understanding,” said Mathews. “The Canadian County District Attorney has made contact with the other district attorneys where the other acts had taken place and it was decided the case would be carried in Canadian County.”

After interviewing the victim, Brackeen and other people close to the victim, Oklahoma City Police filed an arrest warrant.

“We pulled him over on a traffic stop and made the arrest,” said Mathews.

Brackeen has been moved from the Oklahoma County Jail to the Canadian County Jail. His bond is set at $150,000.

The two-year-officer is on paid administrative leave and will possibly be put on unpaid leave in two weeks.