SEILING, Oklahoma - The Seiling Fire Department has been trying to fight wildfires the last several days without a critical piece of equipment. As News 9 reported, a tanker truck was damaged late last week.

In Northeast Oklahoma City, on the Oklahoma Surplus Property Lot, a rare find: Two military trucks with the right parts to fix the damaged Seiling tanker. They were both loaded up on semis headed for the front lines of the wildfires.

“I seen their post on Facebook and being an old retired fire chief, I wanted to reach out an Oklahoma pride thing,” said Mike Norman, a mechanic.

“We're still fighting fire. I didn't have time to do any of this and Mike had taken this upon himself,” said Seiling Mayor Mickey Lauthan.

Between Mike and Mickey, and a whole lot of other people, the trucks were at the Oklahoma Surplus Property lot and the state agreed to donate them.

“It was one of those circumstances where we just happened to have what they needed,” said Shelley Zumwait with OMES.

By Tuesday afternoon, the two trucks arrived at the Seiling fire Department.

So, Mike the mechanic can hurry up and get the tanker back into action.

News 9 talked to another mechanic who is in Seiling to help. He said he heard through Facebook about what was happening, and he also volunteered to help. They think it will take a couple days to get the tanker ready.