OKLAHOMA CITY - Playoff P fever has caught OKC by storm, if the billboards are any indication - credit to Devin Newsome for the collage.

Paul George's playoff alter-ego led the Thunder to a game one win over the Jazz.

How about game 2?

About one month ago, Paul George injured his hip after a tough landing in Atlanta, and then re-aggravated the hip in last Sunday night's game.

Thunder fans are eager to see what Paul George does for an encore in game two. 

George put up 36 points on the Jazz. Hopefully, he's good to go for the game two.

Coach Billy Donovan said he didn't do much in practice Tuesday. He will be evaluated after shootaround Wednesday.

“Paul's a tough guy and he wants to be out there and playing. You know, I don't think anybody’s body feels great this time of the year and you know Paul wants to be out there. So, I am not going to do anything other than see where he's at tomorrow,” said Donovan.

A two-day break between games sure comes in handy for George. Playoff P is needed.

One year ago, scoring was an issue for the Thunder in the Rockets playoff series. PG corrects that, along with Carmelo.

“You know it's exciting, this is the time where I can really focus in on, kind of what I just have to focus in on, the team winning, making plays and kind of being that guy I know I can be,” said Carmelo.

We know Russ is ready for battle, when News 9 asked about improvements for game two, Russ said quote, “Definitely there's some things, we made some adjustments.”