VICI, Oklahoma - Northwest Oklahoma continues to deal with historic wildfires that have burned hundreds of thousands of acres. 

One of the communities hit hardest was Vici, where residents are in recovery and defensive mode at the same time. At least 30 homes in the area were destroyed by flames. 

Amy Hughan’s house made it through the wildfires unscathed by mere inches.

“I’ve never been so scared. When they told us to evacuate Vici, we headed west,” Hughan said. 

With unpredictable winds and nearby hot spots flailing up Monday, Hughan is prepared to evacuate again if necessary.

She packed a box full of photos and memorabilia at the last minute. While the worst of the wildfire appears to have moved out  of Vici, most residents are trying to come to grips with the damage to their town.

“It just was sad watching it destroy everything it came up to,” resident Mikahla Jennings said.

The community is in need. Overworked firefighters are thankful for large donations of water and snacks, but they need funding after one truck was taken out by a power line.

Donations are being accepted at the Bank of Vici. 

Vici Schools are also sending out information on a Facebook page, including a list of homeowners affected. Residents say they’re appreciative of outside help. 

“I just want to thank everybody in the surrounding communities and other parts of Oklahoma that have been helping us,” resident Rex Hale said.

Outside organizations including the Red Cross are in town to assist in cleanup and recovery efforts.

Outside Fire Departments and Forestry Services also remain in town to battle hot spots.