BLANCHARD, Oklahoma - Momentum started at the teacher walkout continues to build, as educators eye the November elections.

Nowhere was that movement more evident Sunday than Blanchard, where teachers received a pep rally of their own.

Educators in the district they’re more energized than ever and as they head back to class tomorrow.

“I was wiping tears several times throughout today,” Blanchard High School English teacher Carrie Anderson said.

After two weeks at the Capitol, the district will resume classes Monday with renewed spirits. 

“Each day we're going to take different classes to the capitol. I teach seniors so we're hoping starting tomorrow that we can take a busload of seniors to the Capitol,” Anderson said.

Anderson was one of several teachers honored at a pep rally, put on by the alumni association.

The educators plan to carry the education funding campaign forward, speaking to legislators and electing lawmakers who support teachers.

“I think this time around there's a better chance that educators will win some seats,” Blanchard Superintendent Jim Beckham said.

Support coming from students and teachers has administrators stunned.

“No one has been a naysayer in Blanchard as far as I know,” Beckham said.

Blanchard will add an extra hour to  each day next week, and will have three extra days at the end of the school year to make up for the walkout days.