VICI, Oklahoma - Folks in northwest Oklahoma faced historic wildfires Friday.

Billy Johnson watched his home of 65 years burn down overnight near Mutual.

“There was nothing we could do,” Johnson said.

As he surveyed damage, Johnson also had to watch the winds, as the same fires continued to burn, sometimes returning to the same spots.

“It’s terrible. To live here this long, everything is in there that I need,” Johnson said.

As winds blew north, so did the flames, creeping toward Vici, forcing many in the town to evacuate their homes.

Vici EMS Coordinator Eric Peoples worked with several fire departments and forestry services to save homes, all while wondering if his own house was in ashes.

“This is worse than anything I’ve ever seen,” Peoples said. 

Peoples says a few area firefighters were treated for injuries.

Civilians brought water and food to firefighters throughout the day. 

Others pulled over to help put out embers, like Kyle Kinsey.

“That’s what, really, this part of Oklahoma is about. Everybody will pull together and we’ll get through this thing just fine,” Kinsey said.