OKLAHOMA CITY - Nick Collison may have played his final regular season game in the NBA Wednesday night.

Collison hasn't made any final decisions just yet, but in case Wednesday night was it for “Mr. Thunder”, Russell Westbrook made sure Collison was given a memorable moment before the game.

"I'm not sure if it's his last season or not, but he's always somebody I've looked up to as a brother. He's done so much for me and this organization I just wanted to make sure you guys gave him a standing ovation for the things he's done for this city for Oklahoma City. Thank you guys. I appreciate it,” said Westbrook.

Collison appeared briefly in Wednesday night's contest, which was the 1,001st game of his career.

Afterwards, Collison provided his thoughts on that nice pregame moment.

"That meant a lot to me and we've had a long time we've been together, and we've been through a lot together. It was cool to be able to have a moment like that. I've said a lot of times, not a lot of people get to play with a guy that long and go through the things we've been through so it's cool to have that type of relationship,” said Collison.

"Such an unselfish, unbelievable guy. Somebody I always looked up to since I've been here he's shown me the ropes. Just thankful to have these ten years and whatever is more to come if not, but thankful to have him by my side each and every day. And I appreciate everything he's done for me,” said Westbrook.