OKLAHOMA CITY - OSBI is investigating after two lawmakers received disturbing phone calls related to the walkout that named their wives and daughters. 

The calls were made to the offices of House Speaker Charles McCall and Representative Kevin Calvey. They were laced with obscenities and talked about how the lawmakers supported big oil over teachers.

But that’s not the disturbing part. What’s disturbing is the caller named family members.

“Your wife (Name) is (Expletive) mine while your daughter (Name) sits in the other room and eats tide pods you son of a (Expletive)” the caller said, “Where’s your ugly daughter (Name)? She’s a (Expletive) moron.”

The call to the House speaker was very similar in terms of the way it was worded.

Calvey said his family was so upset he had to leave the Capitol and go home early. He plans to press charges against the caller.