OKLAHOMA CITY - Many teachers at the Capitol weren't there to protest the legislature Wednesday, but to become a part of it. Wednesday was the first day to file for office.

Carri Hicks, a Deer Creek 4th grade teacher and mother of three, was in line early to try and add state senator to her resume.

Hicks was one of several teachers filing for state office.

“If I wasn’t stepping up at this point then I’m not practicing what I preach,” said Michael Ross, a Sand Springs teacher.

Ross said he committed to running this past week during the protests.

“The galvanizing point was being up here,” he said.

For Carri the decision to leave the classroom wasn't an easy one.

“My heart is always going to be with my students. So ultimately, we are just going to have to know that if I get elected, I’m still fighting for them. I’m still being their champion in a different way,” said Hicks.

She sees the walkout and protesting outside the Capitol as a giant first step in raising funding for education and awareness.

“It’s absolutely the year for teachers to run and flip some seats,” said Hicks.

Candidates for office can still file Thursday and Friday.