OKLAHOMA CITY - Police say a three-month-old metro baby has died at the hands of his own father.

Deion Reed, 21, now faces a first-degree murder complaint and has admitted to violently abusing his child.

Dexter Reed was taken off life support at Children's Hospital on Monday, after being in intensive care since March 26.

Employees in a nearby office building watched the day paramedics brought the lifeless baby out of the family's northwest Oklahoma City apartment.  

“When a baby came out,” said Amanda White, witness. “It was just like, it was very shocking.”

The baby was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Doctors found brain bleeding on the front and back of his head.

The infant's father was later interviewed by police.

“It was later that same day,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “The child’s father was also arrested. He was arrested on a complaint of child abuse, actually two counts of child abuse.”

Police said Reed changed his story three times when investigators asked him about his son's injuries.

He later admitted and showed police by using a doll how he ran the baby's head into a door. He said the child cried but he did not see any marks on his head or face.

Reed then told police he "tossed" his son across the bed and into the wall.

“I assumed something really bad happened,” said White. “Because the crime scene investigators were there.”

Reed, who has never had any previous felony charges, is now in the Oklahoma County Jail facing a first-degree murder complaint.

“It’s really the second one in the past month that we’ve seen a biological father kill his own child,” said Knight. “So, very tragic set of circumstances.”

Police said the baby's mother was not at home when the alleged abuse happened.

News 9 went her apartment for comment, but she was not home.