OKLAHOMA CITY - The teacher who created the Oklahoma Teacher Walkout Facebook page has an idea for more education funding.

Alberto Morejon is encouraging educators to promote a tax plan that is reminiscent of the Step Up Plan that barely failed.

That plan called for a six cent gas tax and a $1.50 tax on cigarettes.

Interestingly enough, the bill that passed two weeks ago was a three cent gas tax and a $1 tax on cigarettes.

Morejon is asking for an additional $75 million as opposed to the up to $97 million some groups say would be enough to end the walkout and send $125 million to fund education.

Morejon said many of the legislators he met with support this idea but it'd take a compromise between parties.

It looks like this:

  • Add 1.5 cents to the gas tax which is currently at three cents
  • Add 0.25 cents to the cigarette tax which is currently at $1
  • Add 0.125 percent to the income tax bracket. It used to be 7 percent but is now 5 percent 

Raising the gas tax by 1.5 cents, according to Morejon, is the difference between paying $1 a month and $1.50.