OKLAHOMA CITY - There was a noticeable drop in numbers on Tuesday at the state Capitol. However, the OEA said the walkout will continue until their demands are met. 

Following Gov. Mary Fallin's failure to veto a repeal on hotel motel tax, OEA president Alicia Priest said in a statement:

Governor Fallin has spent years doing far too little for public education, so it's no surprise that she took measures to further neglect students today. The governor and lawmakers keep closing the door on revenue options when Oklahomans are asking for a better path forward. Filing for office starts Wednesday. Public education should be the issue this November. We need candidates who are worthy of our children.

The OEA is now saying the Legislature has to find $50 million more dollars, and they don't care where the money comes from. But Republican lawmakers say they've done enough, passing the largest tax increase in the state's history.