OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are looking to get three stolen guns off Oklahoma City streets and catch the suspected thief. The rifles were taken from a home near I-44 and Kelley Avenue in March.  

"We’re concerned about these guns,” said George Edwards, burglary victim.  

Edwards was not home when a man snuck onto his secluded property several weeks ago. He said the suspected thief first tore out an electric box, possibly thinking he cut the power to the home.

“It did kill the electricity,” said Edwards. “But we did have a backup that was still active.”

Cameras and the home's security system were still on. The suspect broke-in by prying open a garage window. He then ransacked a room where he found three rifles and jewelry.

“You’re looking at over $3,000 worth of just guns alone,” said Edwards.  

Edwards said the man tripped an alarm, and that is how he was notified an unwanted guest was in the home.

Police responded and searched the large property for several hours, but the suspect had already left with the valuable and sentimental items. 

“One of them was going to be used by my grandson,” said Edwards. “Another one was very near and dear to my heart. I hunt with it, The AR I use for hunting.”

Police are not sure what the man will do with the firearms but have the serial numbers and are investigating.  

“I’m hoping he is caught,” said Edwards. “Get these guns back to me, get them off the streets as quickly as we can.”

If you recognize the suspect, Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.