OKLAHOMA CITY - Lawmakers will meet back Tuesday afternoon at the Capitol. The state Senate is meeting at 1:30 p.m.

Teachers say they're still short about $100 million of their demands and are asking lawmakers to get to work.

Teachers and lawmakers are at odds once again. 

Teachers asking for one thing and lawmakers doing another. 

Teachers have been asking for lawmakers to take up a bill that would end certain kinds of tax exemptions on capital gains. 

Capital gains taxes are paid on things like the sale of land, stock and certain kinds of livestock. 

House Republicans cut a deal with themselves saying capital gains wouldn't be on the table in order to get the votes for the teacher pay raise even though Democrats wanted it as a part of the package. 

"Capital gains was never part of any agreement. It was part of a larger agreement that we took different pieces out," Rep. Mark McBride, R-Moore, said.

What lawmakers did get done Monday was pass a bill that would end tax breaks for the wind industry which would return about $70 million to state coffers, even though that money isn't directly slated for education. 

Opponents of the bill say it was a diversion from real solutions. 

That bill made it out of committee and it now heads to the House floor. There are sure to be some political fireworks to go along with this one.