OKLAHOMA CITY - He was thrown from a horse and nearly killed 15 months ago.

Monday, 44-year-old Cam Douglas was able to meet with and thank the Oklahoma City first responders whose quick actions help save his life. Douglas suffered a fractured skull, a collapsed lung, and other serious injuries, when he hit his head on an iron fence at a horse farm on December 3, 2016. 

First responders, including EMSA Paramedic Donald Wood, rushed Douglas to OU Medical Center in an ambulance. “Normally we would start an IV, attach a cardiac monitor, but my only job was making sure that airway was clear,” he said. “Trying to suction off all that blood that was coming out of his nose and into his mouth, trying to make sure that he could still breathe,” he said. 

Monday, Douglas met with all of the first-responders—including two Oklahoma City Firefighters—who helped save his life. “I feel like that’s how I ended up with this recovery,” he said. “That group of people, and I can’t thank them enough.”  Douglas says he doesn’t remember being thrown from the horse. But he felt good enough to return to work about a year ago.