OKLAHOMA CITY - Ted’s Cafe Escondido is partnering with Operation Freedom and the Oklahoma Education Association to provide 5,000 meals for Capitol demonstrators on Monday, according to a news release on the restaurant's website. 

Ted’s VP of Operations, David Foxx said the restaurant had previously committed to smaller donations to help those affected by the teacher walkout, such as donating meals to organizations offering day camp activities for children not in school during this time. Foxx, however, said that didn't feel like enough. 

“After watching what was going on at the Capitol this week and seeing the dedication of teachers from across the state, I realized that we needed to do more,” said Foxx. “So I met with our operations team and figured out a way to really make an impact. We recognize that education is very important and Ted’s is proud to support our teachers and communities.”

Many Ted's employees at all seven metro locations will be arriving to work early Monday to begin the preparation of 10,000 tacos as well as rice and beans. 

“One or two kitchens cannot produce that much food at one time, so it truly has to be a team effort by many of our dedicated employees,” said Foxx. “As I discussed the undertaking with my staff, I was amazed at the outpouring of support from my Ted’s family and their willingness to volunteer for this community project. Everyone has been influenced by a teacher at some point in their life, and our staff has stepped up to show their gratitude.”

The meals will begin arriving outside the Capitol at 10 am. It will be no cost to demonstrators and visitors to the Capitol.