The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is commending demonstrators on their ability to “police themselves” during the statewide teacher walkout.

As the walkout enters its second week, OHP took a moment to acknowledge educators and supporters on Facebook, for a peaceful first week at the Capitol.  

A photo that shows OHP Trooper Jeff Laue holding a child as the two looks through a window is spreading quickly on social media.

"Best protesters ever!!!! We've been up at the Capitol since day 1......these educators "police" themselves, and most importantly, they have made a point to make sure to let US (Troopers) know they appreciate and understand the hours and resources needed to support their right to civilly demonstrate,” Laue said.

State troopers say they were surprised to see how peaceful tens of thousands of people could be. Week one of the walkout had no confirmed reports of vandalism or violence.

Day 6 of the walkout begins Monday, April 9, as educators and their supporters continue to fight for education funding.