OKLAHOMA CITY - Teachers raced to the Capitol Friday morning to get inside before the House and Senate gaveled in, and the building reached capacity, but State Toopers said they've been getting help from OEA to manage the flow of traffic. 

Thousands of people packed the upper floors of the building, changing for change, but Lieutenant Lance Schroyer said this week has been overwhelmingly peaceful. 

"The teachers have been good to work with. They've been pretty easy. Its just the sheer numbers that are causing the problems," said Schroyer.

Fire hazards are the major concern with this many people in one space.

"If I fill the first floor up then there is nowhere for the 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd to go if something bad happens because they've all got to get out," Schroyer continued. 

Friday, multiple troopers were pulled from their posts outside to monitor the crowds indoors, but communication among them proved difficult with all the noise.

Schroyer stepped outside periodically to scan the long lines of teachers waiting for others to leave. He said they can't force anyone to give up their First Amendment rights. 

"We talked to the OEA and they've been great to say hey once we lock this down if people don't come out people can't come in and they spread that word for us," said Schroyer. 

As the weather deteriorated in the afternoon, those who hadn't made it inside decided to pack up and head home for the weekend, but they said they'll be back bright and early Monday morning.