OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma's state superintendent praised the passage of legislation that would add nearly $40 million to the state education budget, and she took a moment to praise Oklahoma teachers as well.

Here is her statement in full:

Joy Hofmeister, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, made the following remarks today after the passage in the Senate of House Bill 1019XX and House Bill 3375, which will add nearly $40 million in dedicated funding to common education:

“What we have seen at the Capitol this past week has been groundbreaking. Over the past several days, it has been my privilege to engage hundreds of teachers in face-to-face conversations and to witness firsthand their tireless advocacy to ensure that their students and classrooms have the resources for learning.

“On the heels of landmark legislation signed into law just last week, common education now has received an infusion of nearly $500 million in new revenue. I am grateful for the bipartisan efforts of legislators who have done the right thing to reverse a decade of funding challenges that failed to keep pace with student enrollment and need. The legislation passed this week is tremendous progress, but our students and their education will require continued investment and advocacy for years to come.

“Teachers, your stories have been heard at the Capitol and across the nation. These gains are the result of your fight for kids. I know your hearts are in the classroom. I am inspired by your years of dedication, humbled by your sacrifices and proud of your accomplishments.”

The House and Senate voted to pass HB 1019XX, commonly known as the Amazon tax bill, and HB 3375 or the "ball and dice" tax. Then later on Friday, the Senate voted to repeal a lodging tax that is now excluded from the overall education funding package.

The OEA is demanding a veto of both the lodging (hotel/motel) tax repeal and the capital gains tax deduction before the walkout ends.

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