OKLAHOMA CITY - Western Heights said 70% of the school district’s teachers reported to work Tuesday.

But other teachers tell News 9 as many as 30 other teachers aren’t ready to come back. Teachers tell News 9 they were threatened with their jobs by Superintendent Joe Kitchens just before day one of the official teachers’ walkout on Monday. 

At a Western Heights School Board meeting Monday night, the Board ordered all of the teachers to go back to work Tuesday. Karen Clark was one of five teachers and counselors we talked to, who sat out Tuesday, and aren’t sure when they will be coming back.

“When you believe in something, you got to stand up for it, you definitely got to standup for it, and our kids are worth it,” she said. 

Neither Superintendent Kitchens nor Board President Robert Everman Monday night would say whether teachers had been threatened with their jobs. But Everman did say it is something that will be up to the school board.