OKLAHOMA CITY - Right now, both sides of the walkout don't appear to be budging.

Teachers say they are ready to walkout as long as it takes, and you can partly blame the weather for their flexibility.

Due to no major storms this school year, many districts still have built in emergency, or snow days left on the calendar.

“We have three more days,” said Deer Creek teacher Emmett Brotherton, who said he’s constantly being asked by his district about plans for the next day.

“Each afternoon we get a survey and its district wide with all the school and anonymous. It’s say purely are you supporting the walkout for tomorrow or would you rather be at work and have a delegation be there,” said Brotherton.

Once Deer Creeks snow days are used up this week, the district may decide to change school start or dismissal times.

Yukon Public Schools told News 9 it has days off worked into its schedule that can be turned into instructional days if need be.

Last week, Yukon became the first larger district to announce it would demonstrate Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week and maybe longer.