OKLAHOMA CITY - Thousands of people were at the State Capitol Monday, and more showed up Tuesday. Teachers, support staff, and other advocates have new hopes and goals for day two of the teacher walkout.

Oklahoma Education Association President Alicia Priest called on teachers and others to head to the Capitol any way they can and to make a stand not only on the Capitol steps, but inside as well.

Many advocates say their goal for day two of the walkout is to talk to lawmakers inside the State Capitol.

“My plan is to go into the Capitol today. And just to hope to talk to them in a respectful manor. And I just hope to help them understand where we are coming from. And that were not against them and are trying to work with them to get across what we need to get done,” said Oklahoma City Music Teacher Becky Clarke.

They are demanding a $10,000 raise for teachers and $200 million for the classroom.

"We do struggle as teachers, particularly in the Oklahoma City public district. Being the largest district, we have real financial issues,” said Clarke.

Teachers say they'd rather be teaching, but legislators have left them with little choice.