OKLAHOMA CITY - Historical school closures have forced some parents to scramble to find child care in Oklahoma school districts. 

With no end date set for the teacher walkout, eight YMCA locations in the metro have opened their doors to students.

“When the talks started about there possibly being a walkout, we started right away. Thinking, what can we do? What resources do we have? What capabilities do we have,” said YMCA Oklahoma Vice President of Communications Rachel Klein.

Typically the YMCA has before and after school programs, boasting hundreds of Oklahoma kids.

This week, they’ve changed their hours to handle the overflow and say the association is serving 500 to 1,000 kids.

Child care services are set from now through Friday, but will be extended should the walkout continue.

“During the school year, this is something much different than anything we have ever done. Historically, it's not something we've seen,” Klein says. “We have prepared for this week for sure, and we know re-evaluating as each days goes on really. We are prepared if it does goes on two weeks, or three weeks. We are making sure we have the staff, the resources and the activities planned and ready to go.”

The Downtown, Rockwell Plaza, Midwest City, Earlywine Park, Guthrie, Northside and both Edmond locations offer this day camp.

It's 25 dollars for members, and Stillwater could join the list depending on what comes next.

Drop off time is 7 AM, and pick-up at 6 PM.

You've got to register beforehand, so always call your local YMCA first.