OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Education Association says schools will continue to shut down and teachers will continue to walk out until lawmakers agree to their demands.

News 9’s Dana Hertneky talked to John Hazle, Oklahoma's 2017 “Teacher of the Year”, who was up at the Capitol with about a dozen other finalists for “Teacher of the Year.”

Hazle said they were disappointed with some of the unprofessional rhetoric coming from some teachers. So, he got together their group and made appointments to sit down with lawmakers.

Hazle said their main message is thank you, because it took a lot to pass the revenue bill. Also, they want to help with communication between lawmakers and other teachers.  He said after talking with legislators, he doesn't feel like this is it for the next 10 years.

Hazle and his group supports teachers going back to school.

“When it's been 10 years and a billion dollars of cuts, you’re not going to get that back in one bill or one week. That's unrealistic. That's just my feeling,” said Hazle.

He said he hopes by handling this professionally, lawmakers will consult him and his group in the future as they make decisions on education.