OKLAHOMA CITY - On Monday, the News 9 Teacher Appreciation winner was out at the Capitol standing up for himself and his students.

Zack Burkhalter told News 9 he didn’t go into this job for the money, but said money does matter. Burkhalter teaches History at Yukon High School. He said he’s out here because he and his peers spend thousands of their own paycheck on supplies for their students.

Burkhalter said classrooms often have technology failures and not enough staff to make I.T. repairs. When it comes down to it, he doesn’t blame his district, because he says their hands are tied by lawmakers.

“If it doesn’t change, education in this state is going to falter,” said Burkhalter. “You can’t use text books that are outdated and you can’t have things in your classroom that don’t work repeatedly.”

Burkhalter said he’s willing to come here to the capitol as long as it takes.