OKLAHOMA CITY - As teachers head to the Capitol from all over Oklahoma, many aren’t booking hotel rooms, but checking social media for lodging.

While some hotel chains offer discounts to Oklahoma Education Association members, the OEA president says teachers are relying on their peers for lodging.

A Facebook group allows Oklahoma City educators to offer up lodging for out of towners during the walkout.

They've got separate spreadsheets for host teachers and guest teachers, and the group has nearly 1,000 members.

“This is an amazing thing about social media,” OEA President Alicia Priest said.

Other teachers say they're driving up in the morning, camping, or even being bussed by their own districts.

The OEA president says teachers housing one another shows the unity of this movement across Oklahoma.

“They connect those two groups so that those that are traveling don’t have the additional cost of lodging,” Priest said.