OKLAHOMA CITY - Several childcare organizations are offering additional services Monday. 

Leaders of community groups have planned ahead to give students supervision during the teacher walkout.

It's been a chaotic week for Jane Sutter, the President and CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County.

"The unknown about it is a little bit challenging in that we definitely need to have our staff lined up," Sutter said.

Sutter and her team lined up enough staff and volunteers to host kids at several locations Monday. 

"We will be open from 7:30 in the morning until seven at night," Sutter said.

Boys and Girls Club members from ages six to 18 are welcome, and there are some spots open for new members. 

Meals will be provided, by the school and by the Boys and Girls Club themselves.

"We'll make it happen. I mean, that's what we do. We're here for our kids and we'll figure it out," Sutter said.

Sutter isn't the only one who's had to figure it out. She has met with several other youth organizations in the metro.

"It's really causing people to think about our kids and what are we doing? Are we educating them well?" Sutter said.

If the walkout lasts past Monday, The Boys and Girls Club, and other organizations like it will need more manpower and money to look after kids.

"The little challenging part for us is it keeps changing," Sutter said.