OKLAHOMA CITY - A knife-wielding man is charged with assaulting two Oklahoma City police officers and domestic abuse.

Jonathan Boyd, 41, was shot and tased by officers. Police officials released the officers’ body camera video on Thursday.

Officers Andy Tschetter and Jose Gutierrez responded to a domestic violence call at a southwest Oklahoma City on March 1.

The blurred out image in the video is Boyd's girlfriend. She was reluctant to talk to police at first, but then told officers Boyd beat her up and she did not know if he had a weapon.

“He’s gonna [sic] make you all shoot him if he sees you,” said Boyd’s girlfriend.

While officers were talking to Boyd’s girlfriend, two neighbors walked up to the officers and informed them Boyd was in the backyard in the home across the street.

“She’s scared to death he’s in her backyard,” said neighbor. “Sitting down in her backyard.”

The officers walked across the street to the neighbor's home. They both had their body cameras rolling the entire time. They tracked Boyd down in the backyard, and that's when he came at them with a knife.

“Hey come here, come here,” said Officer Tschetter. “Hey, gun, gun!”

Officer Gutierrez deployed his taser only seconds before Officer Tschetter fired his gun multiple times.

“Shots fired, shots fired,” said Officer Tschetter.

The suspect rolled on the ground in pain while officers commanded him to get on his stomach.

Boyd was taken to the hospital with gunshot and taser wounds. He has since been released, booked into jail and charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault and battery.

Officer Tschetter is cleared of the shooting and has returned to duty.