OKLAHOMA CITY - A former University of Oklahoma track coach is accused of pulling a B.B. gun on a driver.

The road rage incident landed Marcus Maxey, 27, in jail on Tuesday.

Ryan, who only wants to be identified by his first name, was driving on Interstate 235 Tuesday, March 27, when he noticed a silver Nissan driving close to his bumper. 

“After that he manages to, he whizzes around me,” said Ryan, road rage victim. “Flips me off and cuts in front of me, almost hits me.”  

He sped up and cut-off the irate driver, now identified as Maxey. He thought Maxey was a few cars behind him, but the road rage escalated.  

“He whizzed by me and has his window rolled down,” said Ryan. “Waves his gun at me, so I just shake my head and grab my phone to call 911. By the time I look up, he’s got it pointed at me, so I slam on my brakes.”

Ryan was in shock and said he almost hit another car in an attempt to get away.

“I was thinking what an idiot,” said Ryan.

After calling 911, he pulled to the side of the road to wait for police. Ryan was then able to lead officers to Maxey.

Maxey was pulled over a short time later near Hefner Road and the Broadway Extension, and police found a B.B. gun in his car.

Later, police learned Maxey is in the military and is training for the Olympics. He was also a former volunteer assistant track coach at the University of Oklahoma.

Police arrested Maxey for pointing a firearm and took him to the Oklahoma County Jail.

“It’s pretty unfortunate,” said Ryan. “Because I don’t mean to ruin this guy’s life, but I mean you can’t be doing that.”

Police said the best way to prevent road rage situations from escalating is to remain calm and call police if necessary.