The "Art of the Deal" President Trump called it. But negotiation, is a sometimes not so subtle dance, and we're seeing that play out right now.

The teachers, with a good deal of the public's support, have pushed the legislature to come up with a pay raise plan by next Monday.

The House has, with what are pretty generous teacher raises in my opinion, certainly not what they should be paid, but a big step closer at a time when the state is cutting other agency's budgets. 

The loudest voice for teachers in Oklahoma, the OEA reacted Tuesday with almost a yawn, same for the Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent.

That's just posturing, tightening the screws on the legislature, but they're walking a fine line.

A News 9 poll shows 72 percent of registered Oklahoma voters support a teacher walkout, but that support will quickly fade if teachers come off as greedy or even unappreciative.

Five thousand dollars more for first-year teachers will help to keep some of our new Education graduates in Oklahoma, and the even larger raises for veteran teachers are greatly deserved.

Those speaking for teachers need to come off as a little more hopeful or this thing could stall out.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.