MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - Parents and educators packed a community forum Tuesday at Midwest City High School. Attendees asked district officials about meals, child care and other impacts on the calendar.

Desirae Keenum is a mom of three. “Their education is really important to me,” she told News 9.

Keenum supports teachers 100 percent in their efforts to get a pay raise and increase funding for education.

“I think it’s something that’s really needed and I just don’t know how we’re going to do it,” she explained.

Keenum has several questions about how the walkout will work.

“How is that going to affect grades? And how are we making up the time? And what about testing?”

Superintendent Rick Cobb said some of those answers will be depend on how long a possible walkout will go. He's excited about Monday night's historic vote that would give teachers a pay raise and he hopes its a first step toward making real progress.

“We’re a little worried that we’re only getting raises,” he explained. “We’re excited that there were raises for support employees in the package, but the actual support of operations of schools is a little bit low. But again, it’s a start and it’s a start in the right direction.”

If the deal goes through before April 2, Superintendent Cobb said they'll listen to their teachers, find out their responses and go from there.