OKLAHOMA CITY - A teacher walkout is now less than a week away and many parents still have a lot of questions about what will happen.

Come April 2, without a deal in the legislature and signed by the governor, at least 72% of students across the state won't be in class. That’s according to a survey of district administrators across the state.

OSSBA says 264 districts responded to their survey.

But one parent asked News 9 on Facebook, "Will they cancel classes that day?"

OSSBA President Shawn Hime said districts will likely make that decision as early as possible.

“My expectation that decision would come on Thursday and Friday prior to that,” said Hime.

Unless, he says, the legislature continues to work through the holiday weekend. Then, we could learn as late as Sunday night.

The walkout would happen during important tests. "How will this affect their testing schedule?" asked another parent.

“I would suspect almost all the schools are working out a plan to give the ACT/SAT and AP tests that they have scheduled. Those are a big impact to children,” said Hime.

Plans are more uncertain about scheduling testing for elementary and middle school kids.

If the strike drags on, one parent wondered, “My daughter graduates this year, how will this affect her?”

Hime said most schools are continuing with activities, especially those that had to be scheduled long in advance like prom and graduation.

“I haven’t seen anyone yet who is planning to move the graduation date no matter what happens,” said Hime.

When it comes to making up dates that schools are closed, most districts are planning on using "snow days" and then students will have to make up days after all those are used up.

OSSBA Survey Results Below: