Norman - Police said 22-year-old Remington Tyler tried to first steal a vehicle at Terry's Market in Noble Thursday night, but was unsuccessful.

Then, investigators said he spotted another vehicle in a neighborhood nearby.

It was Lacy McIntosh's SUV. She works at a local pizza place, and as she went up to a door to make a delivery, police said Tyler took her SUV.

“All of a sudden in the drop of a dime my car is gone,” she told News 9.

Lacy and the customer went to chase after it.

She said they catch up to the car and call police.

Tyler reportedly hit a dead end and took off running.

But authorities from Noble Police Department, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and a Lighthorse K9 officer canvassed the area found him.

An affidavit said he was lying in the back of someone's truck with a camper shell on it.

“He acted like he was asleep when officers and deputies confronted him,” said Cleveland County Sheriff Todd Gibson.

Lacy is so thankful for the customer who didn't hesitate to help her and she’s happy to have her SUV back.

“I went to OU and I just moved away from home,” she explained. “So I lived out of my car for a month actually in January. And I just moved into my apartment and everything in my life was getting back in order, which is why I think I reacted the way I did.”

In an interview with police, Tyler admitted to all this.

Investigators said that night, he had also broken into several other vehicles and taken credit cards and driver's licenses.

Tyler is in the Cleveland County Jail facing multiple charges in Cleveland County District Court.

“I wish the best for him in jail,” McIntosh said. “I hope he learns his lesson.”