EDMOND, Oklahoma - Edmond Police said an officer witnessed two people breaking into cars in a neighborhood near Santa Fe and Danforth Saturday morning.

Authorities said Natalie Adams was caught pretty quickly, after reportedly trying to run from officers near Mark Road and Angel Drive.

But police said Ryan Shaw took off in a stolen vehicle and officers pursued him. The initial pursuit was terminated when the suspect went into Logan County. But it picked back up when the suspect came back into Edmond.

In the dash camera footage, you see the suspect blow through intersections, and swerve all over the road. Police said at one point he reached roughly 120 miles per hour.

Then Shaw took a sharp right onto Fairfax Drive, which is just north of Covell.

“And our officer was going to TVI – use that maneuver to stop the vehicle,” said Jenny Wagnon with Edmond Police. “And right as that was happening, the suspect went off into the grass and through a fence and over a ten foot ravine.”

The vehicle landed on its side and police said Shaw resisted all commands and kept hiding his hands in his waistband.

Police pulled him through the sunroof and they said he came out swinging at officers before they took him down.

“Inside the vehicle there was heroin, meth, there was an air soft bb pistol. At first glance it looked like more than an airsoft gun,” Wagnon explained. “There were wallets with ID cards, credit cards, debit cards, all kinds of things that had been stolen not just that night.”

During the fight, one of the officer’s broke his hand and he'll be on light duty until he heals.