OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities arrested Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association (OIPA) president Tim Wigley, 55, after receiving calls of a possible drunk driver Tuesday.

Oklahoma City officers were called around 7:30 p.m. to The Garage, a restaurant located near Northwest 10th Street and North Robinson Avenue, in reference to a possible drunk driver leaving the parking lot.

According to reports, the responding officer stated that he observed Wigley drive into the middle of an intersection on a red light. Once the light turned green, the officer signaled for Wigley to stop his vehicle, and stated that Wigley continued through Broadway Avenue until he was forced to stop behind other cars.

The officer said he immediately noticed that Wigley had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.  

Wigley was asked to exit his vehicle and was reportedly unsteady on his feet. After refusing to take a breath test Wigley was placed under arrest.

Officials reported that Wigley displayed aggressive behavior towards the arresting officer and became physically uncooperative.

In a second altercation the officer received a laceration to his hand, according to the incident report.

Wigley was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on one complaint of driving under the influence, and one complaint of disregarding a traffic control device.