OKLAHOMA CITY - Rain and storms moved away from Oklahoma on Monday, leaving behind our infamous March wind.

But there's good news: The number “80” shows up in the 9-day forecast, and we're not talking wind gusts.

Temperatures across Oklahoma have ranged from the mid-40s to the lower 60s on Monday with northwest winds between 20 and 40 mph. The storm system that impacted northwest Oklahoma late Sunday is in the southeastern part of the country, wreaking havoc there with severe weather.

Temperatures will stay seasonable overnight from the lower 30s to 40s across the state -- and then the thermometer starts inching upward. We'll get to the upper 50s and mid-60s on Tuesday and mid-60s to lower 70s on Wednesday.

Thursday's high will be 74.

And then on Friday, the temperature could reach 80. So, if you take a work lunch on Friday, the odds that you'll want to return to the office will be pretty low. Friday is going to be a gorgeous day.

Join meteorologist Cassie Heiter at 10 p.m. for the full 9-day forecast, including a look at what Saturday's follow-up to a fantastic Friday will be!

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