OKLAHOMA CITY - At least one person was shot early Sunday morning in Northwest Oklahoma City. 

The gunman opened fire on a car. Three suspects got away. But they were caught on camera. 

Surveillance video shows the three running off seconds after the shooting. 

First they run by the Christian Academy Church on Northwest 16th Street near Penn Avenue. Then two of them run across the parking lot heading west on Northwest 17th street and right past neighbor Tim Kingsbury’s house. 

Kingsbury, a minister at the church made eye contact with one of the suspects, a black male in his late teens or early 20’s with dreadlocks. 

"He looked at me. I looked at him.” Kingsbury recalled,  “I had my gun in my hand and I was hoping they didn't pull a gun, you know, so something else wouldn't happen.  But they just walked on by."

As the two suspects walked by, Kingsbury said they shouted for the third suspect, calling him by name.

“They Hollered for their friend. His name was Steve. And he run west to meet them."

At the Church, Kingsbury ministers to a lot of people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, and to a lot of people who have done time for things they regret. 

Kingsbury said he’ll be praying for the three suspects. 

“Think about what you're doing.  You're a young guy that you could go one road or you could go the other road, you know? The road you're going right now. There's only one place you're going to end up. Dead or in prison." he said

The shooting victim was taken to the hospital. No word on his condition but officials said he is not cooperating with police.