OKLAHOMA CITY - Kristin Eastham has been sentenced to seven years in prison following a 2015 crash that killed retired Moore Police Officer Arthur DiVecchio.

Back on August 8th, Eastham was working at the Norman Veteran Affairs Center.

Witnesses and fellow staff watched her fall asleep at her desk and security footage later showed Eastham walking to her car. Her attorney said she was having an adverse reaction to her prescription medication.

“Kristin is not hiding from that. Kristen pled guilty because she acknowledges that she should have known better, and should have never have gotten in that car,” said Attorney Jacqui Ford.

Ford said her client was taking Hydrocodone and an anti-depressant called Viibryd.

Eastham’s doctor had recently increased dosage, according to Ford and her client was taking the medication as directed but still experienced Serotonin Syndrome.

However, Arthur DiVecchio’s widow said no explanation she’s been given justifies her husband’s death. She said her husband served in Vietnam and the Moore Police Department for 25 years.

“It does not matter he was a cop. It matters he was a human being. Someone took his life and it was all so unnecessary,” said Devra DiViecchio. 

The wreck happened around 4:15 AM on Sooner Road, near Osborne Way.

Eastham was initially cited for failing to stay right of the center line, colliding into Arthur DiVecchio.

After the wreck, Devra struggled to pay the bills.

She said she sold the diamond out of her wedding ring to keep her home.

With a manslaughter charge, Eastham could have spent 25 years in prison. Her attorney argued for probation, saying her client has young children that depend on her. Adding, what happened to her client, could happen to anyone.

“Any one of us could go to the doctor and get prescribed a medication and have an abnormal reaction, that exists in some patients, but such a small amount of patients, but you never think it's you,” said Ford.

Years later, this terrible wreck leads to a painful road ahead.

Both parties hope this case makes others think twice about taking medication before getting behind the wheel.

Since the crash, Eastham’s attorney said she took an oath of sobriety, despite having the lower half of her body crushed upon impact.

Though, Devra DiVecchio said she wants others to remember no matter the circumstances, Eastham had a choice. She said that decision cost her the love of her life.

“I don't want to sue her. I don't want to sue the VA. I don't want to try and get anything that doesn't belong to me. The only thing that belongs to me is justice,” said Devra DiVecchio.

In about a year, Eastman will be up for a sentence modification, could potentially be released from prison.

Her attorney said what the judge decides will depend on the progress Eastham makes.