Baker Mayfield has rarely been one to shy away from the spotlight.

The first-round NFL Draft prospect, who once had half of college football up in arms for planting an Oklahoma flag in the Ohio State field, finally threw at his Pro Day on Wednesday, and he did it as the Karate Kid.

Now, with just over a month until he could officially become an NFL quarterback, Mayfield is touting his journey to the pros and against critics -- specifically, "Haterade" -- in a new documentary series called "Behind Baker."

Promising "never-before-seen access to the process of a controversial, underdog Heisman QB" during the month of April and culminating with the draft itself, the show dropped its first trailer this week, and it is rich with, well, what you might expect from a series on Baker Mayfield -- the quarterback training by running uphill in sand, Fox Sports 1's Colin Cowherd saying NFL teams don't draft "5-11 cocky quarterbacks" and Mayfield himself proclaiming his fight against skeptics.

"It's not even a chip (on my shoulder)," he says. "I'd say it's a boulder."

"The series captures Baker's mental prep and catalogs his journey for the NFL combine, his pro days, the media craziness surrounding his drive and debatable cockiness," the show's website,, says. "Baker reveals his mental drive, expectations, who is he is in his own voice, and what he has to offer scouts, critics, NFL owners, brands, fans and foes."